Map of Long-term Field Experiments in Germany   

Long-term field experiments (LTFE) are necessary to influence agricultural usage on soils in the long run. They are of high value since they can only be reproduced with huge time and cost resources – if at all. A long-term field experiment here is defined as a field experiment with the minimum duration of 20 years and a static design. Experiments reaching the age of at least 20 years during the run-time of BonaRes (2015-2024) are considered as LTFE as well.


LTFE are an important source of knowledge about the soil and are fundamental for answering current and future questions. The research data from the LTFE often exist as time series and can therefore be used to model slow changes of the soil. The online-map shall contribute to a better visibility of the experiments. Solely metainformation is shown here. It is based on freely available information, such as scientific articles, field guides, websites and personal information.


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Please click here for the Online-map for long-term field experiments.

Contact person: Meike Grosse