The BonaRes Metadata Schema

This document presents the BonaRes metadata schema for soil research data developed as part of the BonaRes project. The overview provides information on all mandatory and optional metadata elements needed to accurately describe the data produced and successfully insert the metadata into the BonaRes Metadata-Editor.

This descriptive metadata schema combines international recognized standards for the description of geospatial data (INSPIRE Directive) and research data (DataCite 4.0 ). The compliance with DataCite 4.0 permits the assignment of a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to the research data. The DOI assures reliable and unambiguous access; supports re-use of the data and allow proper attribution.

The BonaRes metadata schema provides two different levels of obligation for the metadata properties. Elements within a mandatory field must be provided while elements within an optional field should be provided if available.

Please click here to access the the document - The BonaRes Metadata Schema.

Contact person: Xenia Specka

List of all mandatory BonaRes metadata elements
Category ID Element
Description 1 Title (English and German)
3 Summary (English and German)
5 Dates (with four different mandatory date type elements)
6 Responsible party (with three mandatory sub-property elements)
7 Funding reference (with mandatory funder name and award title elements)
9 Geographic bounding box
15 Unique identifier (DOI)
Categorization 18 Resource type
19 Project affiliation
20 Keywords (based on AGROVOC & GEMET Thesaurus))
21 Topic category
Access 23 Use limitations
24 Access constraints
25 Use constraints
26 Other constraints
Quality 32 Lineage statement
33 Metadata schema conformity
Metadata 34 Metadata identifier
37 Metadata point of contact
38 Metadata character set
39 Metadata language
Data Model 43 Data Attribute Information (with five mandatory attribute elements)

List of all optional BonaRes metadata elements
Category ID Element
Description 2 Alternative title
4 Graphic overview (.png or .jpg)
8 Coordinate Reference system
10 Geographic identifier
11 Temporal extent
12 Spatial representation type
13 Language
14 Character Set
16 Related Identifier
17 Supplemental Information (.zip file)
Access 22 Geodata link (Information to access the resource)
Distribution 27 Online resource (information on how the resource can be obtained from the distributor)
28 Data format
29 Responsible party (from whom the resource can be obtained)
Quality 30 Spatial resolution
31 Ground sample distance
Metadata 35 Parent identifier (File identifier of the metadata to which this metadata is a subset.)
36 Date stamp (day that the metadata was created)
40 Metadata standard name
41 Metadata standard version
Data Model 42 Thumbnail (.png or .jpg)